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Worldwide Photo walk 2010 / Pride Parade Halifax

I joined the worldwide photo walk 2010, Scott Kelby’s third Photo walk. this year 900 groups and 32,000 people from all over the word participate in it!

You can read more about it at the photo walk website.

The pictures I took were shot at the Farmer’s Market (a week before it moves to it’s new location), Spring garden RD. and at Barrington St. where the annual Pride Parade took place.

Hope you enjoy.

(You can find the whole set on my flickr page)

Sunflower fields forever

Here in Israel we eat sunflower seeds usually when watching football or basketball games, sometimes you can even see people walking down the street with a bag of sunflower seeds in their hand spitting the peels on the sidewalk (although latley it is rare)…

So seeing the seeds where there come from is always a refreshing site for me :)

Sunflower field

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