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Sunset Over Windsor Nova Scotia

Sunset Over Windsor Nova Scotia

Halifax Citadel

Few pictures I took during the weekend at the Citadel Hill



Walking on the sea-shore

I went yesterday to the beach couple of hours before sunset,

I thought that I will find there more people, probably it’s because may is not “officially” summer?

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Sunflower fields forever

Here in Israel we eat sunflower seeds usually when watching football or basketball games, sometimes you can even see people walking down the street with a bag of sunflower seeds in their hand spitting the peels on the sidewalk (although latley it is rare)…

So seeing the seeds where there come from is always a refreshing site for me :)

Sunflower field

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Guys, hold on tight!

I traveled after the rain and saw those snails taking a sun bath on top of a telephone pole, I had to photograph it…

Guess that if I was French i could have make a soup instead of a picture…

Snails on top of a teelephone pole

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