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Portraits from Jaffa

Here are some portraits I took at that day I was in Jaffa.

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Backgammon in Hebrew

Backgammon (or SheshBesh in Hebrew) is a popular game in Israel, You can see people play it at the beaches, at several pubs and there is even a tournament.
When I traveled the old city of Jaffa there were people seating outside their stores and playing with each other.

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Hookah (Shisha) in Jaffa

I went to a small Photography meeting in the old streets of Jafa,

Next to the flea market there is a small Hookahs store, so small that all it has is a wall covered with hookahs and the entrance.

Small but colorfull :)

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Jaffa, Israel

Last Wednesday we went5 guys with our cameras to a photography trip to Jaffa.

Here are the pictures I took there.

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