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strawberries picking

Last weekend I took the family on an hour ride to river breeze farm to pick strawberries.

The farm located next to Truro Nova Scotia (exit 14A of the 102).

Strawberries Picking 2

At the entrance they have a small structure where you buy small basket to put your strawberries and where you pay after finishing picking.

Strawberries Picking 1

Right after getting the baskets we went to the field behind, a matter of 5 minutes walk. a cute guy told us where to pick from and what to do.

Strawberries Fields

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Blueberries Picking

A week ago we went to pick up blueberries, a fun and tasty experience to the all family.

The name of the place is  “between the bushes”, it has a very good restaurant too that serves dishes that are made with local ingredients, delicious!

After the picking we went to the tangled gardens at Grand Pre, a really nice place with herbs that are grown in-house, and delicious jellies that are made out of those herbs.


blueberries picking

blueberries in a box

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