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Lunenburg – Nova Scotia

The Town of Lunenburg, in Nova Scotia, Canada, was formally established in 1753 as the first British Colonial settlement in Nova Scotia outside of Halifax.

Old Town Lunenburg has been designated by the Government of Canada as a place of National Historic Significance.

You can read more about it in the Town Of Lunenburg website





Double Rainbow in the sky

After a rainy morning the sun came out and we suddenly saw this beautiful rainbow from our apartment’s window.
This is the 1st picture I took that didn’t go to my computer and than to the blog, I’ve used the iPad cam connector to upload it to my iPad, edited it on the ipad and uploaded it to flickr.
Now with the connector I love my iPad more :)
double rainbow

Hookah (Shisha) in Jaffa

I went to a small Photography meeting in the old streets of Jafa,

Next to the flea market there is a small Hookahs store, so small that all it has is a wall covered with hookahs and the entrance.

Small but colorfull :)