Photography and more…

Kite surfing

The weather was very windy, so I went to the beach to see if there are any surfers there.

This is what I found…

Kite surfing

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Playing with sand

I took my daughter to play in the “big dune” in Ashdod

Playing with sand


A friend came to town and wanted to eat something quickly.

For a quick, healthy and filling meal nothing can be compared to humus, so I took him to Abed’s humus and fool in Ashdod’s industrial area.

You can judge by the pictures how tasty it was…

Humus Mesabaha

Humus with meat

Walking on the sea-shore

I went yesterday to the beach couple of hours before sunset,

I thought that I will find there more people, probably it’s because may is not “officially” summer?

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At the garage

I went yesterday to the garagre for a periodic treatment to the car.

they moved to a new big beautiful place that made me want to shoot some shots (but between us, everything makes me want to take the camera out of the bag and “click”).

So, here are the photos.

at the garage

at the garage

at the garage

Building an interchange in Ashdod

At the south of Ashdod they are building an interchange so in few years – no more traffic jams because of the train :)

Anyway, one morning while I was in one of those traffic jams I took a picture of the scaffolding.