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World Pentax Day / The Oval

Today was World Pentax Day, a day when all Pentaxians go out & take pictures…

I’ve chosen to go to Halifax’s new skating oval.

This is the result:

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Hubbards is located about 30 minutes drive from Halifax & have a great view of the st. Margaret bay.

Hubbards  Yacht Club


Hubbards  Yacht Club


Busker Festival Halifax

Every summer Halifax has a Buskers Festival, where all kind of buskers preform in downtown Halifax.

Here are my pictures from that day.

Busker Festival 1

Busker Festival 2

Busker Festival 3

Busker Festival 12

Busker Festival 14

Busker Festival 18

Downtown Halifax b/w

Here are some black & white pictures I took at the down-town area of Halifax.

Down-town Halifax 15

Down-town Halifax 11

Down-town Halifax 6

Down-town Halifax 5

Down-town Halifax

Vital berry farm (raspberry picking)

It the U-pick season (for my family anyway) so every couple of weeks we go & pick a different fruit, this time it was raspberry.

Enjoy the pics.

Annapolis Valley


Vital berry farm

Tangled Gardens

Tangled Gardens

Tangled Gardens


strawberries picking

Last weekend I took the family on an hour ride to river breeze farm to pick strawberries.

The farm located next to Truro Nova Scotia (exit 14A of the 102).

Strawberries Picking 2

At the entrance they have a small structure where you buy small basket to put your strawberries and where you pay after finishing picking.

Strawberries Picking 1

Right after getting the baskets we went to the field behind, a matter of 5 minutes walk. a cute guy told us where to pick from and what to do.

Strawberries Fields

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