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About me


I’m Isaac Tsahi Moscovich, writer of the “Barbur” blog, which is mainly about photography but, will have more to it …

At “Barbur” you can find pictures I shot, photography tutorials and some of my own thoughts, when  it strikes and I get the urge to share.

I started taking pictures at 14 when my father gave me his old SLR camera, and have been searching for the perfect frame ever since…

I have been connected to the web from day one. When there were only bulletin boards, no graphics and a noisy modem that took ages to connect. Haven’t stopped surfing since :)

Besides dealing with photography, I also build web sites (Mostly WordPress and Joomla) and consult on a variety of internet issues.

I am easy to find and available at:

SEO Nova Scotia, Barbur blog in Hebrew, My site building websiteMy photography site, twitter, flickr, facebook.

I hope you enjoy this blog, please feel free to write back and be in touch, I love to hear from new and interesting people.

BTW – this website is hosted at bluehost , after many host providers I tried at last I found one I can count on. you are invited to read more about them here.

I also own a small family online photography accessories store, you are more then welcome to check it out. 🙂

‘Till we meet again,



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